Order item

Order item schema

_branchId integer Branch ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_categoryId long Category ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_cloudId integer Cloud ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_courseId long? Course ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_customerId long? Customer ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_eetSubjectId long? EET Subject ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_employeeId long Employee ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_orderId long Order ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_productId long Product ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_relatedOrderItemId long? Order Item ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
_sellerId long? Seller ID 📶 EQUALS,ENUM
alternativeName string? Product alternative name
billedUnitPriceWithVat double Unit price with vat after discount
billedUnitPriceWithoutVat double Unit price without vat after discount
canceledDate timestamp? Date of item canceled 📶 EQUALS, ENUM, NUMBER 🔽 BOTH
completed timestamp? Date of item (Order) completed 📶 EQUALS, ENUM, NUMBER 🔽 BOTH
created timestamp Date of item created (added to Order) 📶 EQUALS, ENUM, NUMBER 🔽 BOTH
currency string(3) Currency code
discountPercent double Discount percent
discountPermitted boolean Enabled discount 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
ean string[] EAN for item (from product) 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
flags integer Special settings for Order item in binary form. 📶 BITS
id long Primary ID for Order item
name string Name of item / product. 📶 STRING 🔽 BOTH
note string Note for item 📶 STRING
onSale boolean Is item on sale 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
packaging double Packaging value for item / product
parked boolean Is item parked 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
points double Points value for Order item
quantity double Quantity of item / product
stockDeduct boolean 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
subtitle string 📶 STRING
tags string[] Tags for item 📶 EQUALS, ENUM
totalPriceWithVat double Total is with quantity
totalPriceWithoutVat double Total is with quantity
unit enum Item / Product unit
unitPriceWithVat double Unit price with vat before discount
unitPriceWithoutVat double Unit price without vat before discount
unitPurchasePrice double Value of purchase price per unit
updated timestamp Date updated 📶 EQUALS, ENUM, NUMBER 🔽 BOTH
vat double Vat rate
versionDate timestamp Last modification date and time 📶 EQUALS, ENUM, NUMBER 🔽 BOTH

JSON response

"_branchId": <integer>,
"_categoryId": <long>,
"_cloudId": <integer>,
"_courseId": <long>,
"_customerId": <long>,
"_eetSubjectId": <long>,
"_employeeId": <long>,
"_orderId": <long>,
"_productId": <long>,
"_relatedOrderItemId": <long>,
"_sellerId": <long>,
"alternativeName": <string>,
"billedUnitPriceWithVat": <double>,
"billedUnitPriceWithoutVat": <double>,
"canceledDate": <timestamp>,
"completed": <timestamp>,
"created": <timestamp>,
"currency": <string>,
"discountPercent": <double>,
"discountPermitted": <boolean>,
"ean": <string[]>,
"flags": <integer>,
"id": <long>,
"name": <string>,
"note": <string>,
"onSale": <boolean>,
"packaging": <double>,
"parked": <boolean>,
"points": <double>,
"quantity": <double>,
"stockDeduct": <boolean>,
"subtitle": <string>,
"tags": <string[]>,
"totalPriceWithVat": <double>,
"totalPriceWithoutVat": <double>,
"unit": <enum>,
"unitPriceWithVat": <double>,
"unitPriceWithoutVat": <double>,
"unitPurchasePrice": <double>,
"updated": <timestamp>,
"vat": <double>,
"versionDate": <timestamp>
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