Webhook schema

id long Webhook ID

_cloudId integer Cloud ID (add link)

_warehouseId long? Warehouse ID (add link)

method string Webhook HTTP method to be requested when the entity is updated

url string Webhook URL to be requested when the entity is updated. Validated by a regex.

payloadEntity string The name of an entity associated with the webhook Can be one of the following: "STOCKLOG", "POINTSLOG", "PRODUCT","ORDERBEAN", "RESERVATION"

payloadVersion string Version of the entity to be put into the webhook body The only value currently supported is "V1" i.e. field names will be compatible with VS/API1

versionDate timestamp? Version date in ISO or Timestamp format

JSON response

    "id": <long>,
    "_cloudId": <integer>,
    "_warehouseId": <long>,
    "method": <string>,
    "url": <string>,
    "payloadEntity": <string>,
    "payloadVersion": <string>,
    "versionDate": <timestamp>

Get all webhooks

GET https://api.dotykacka.cz/v2/clouds/:cloudId/webhooks

Get a list of all configured webhooks.

Path Parameters


Register a webhook

POST https://api.dotykacka.cz/v2/clouds/:cloudId/webhooks

Register a new webhook.

Path Parameters


Delete a webhook

DELETE https://api.dotykacka.cz/v2/clouds/:cloudId/webhooks/:webhookId

Delete a single webhook identified by its ID.

Path Parameters


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