Getting started

Please see the Breaking changes page for more info on the planned changes in validation.

Client Application

To be able to communicate with the API v2, you need to fill the Client Application registration form. Please fill all data carefully.

After the successful registration, we will contact you to find missing details about your Application and issue the Client ID and Client Secret what is necessary for API usage.

We will also provide you License key for testing purposes. This license key should be used for creation of testing Cloud and testing of your integration. Creating Dotypos Account will also create new Cloud, which can be used as testing.

Creating Dotypos Account

In order to test your integration, you will probably need to create a new Dotypos Account with the provided testing license key.

To perform this, you need to install Dotykacka Application and Activate your license. A detailed guide is available in our Manual.

Next Steps

Please read the General section to understand the basic concepts of the API, available common features and schema descriptions used in this manual.

The API endpoints are grouped by the entity which they manage. If you are looking for a specific endpoint from the former API v1 the migrations are described in API v1 Services.

Third-party libraries & Postman collection

For easier implementation, we have prepared the Postman collection, which will be gradually improved. If you are looking for library for easier integration of API v2, see the Third-party libraries section.

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